12 Brackets Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

May 21, 2019

12 Brackets Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Brackets happen to be fantastic and highly useful source code editors for front-end developers as well as web designers. It has got many useful features and some of them are indeed out-of-the-box too. However, as there is always scope for improvement with anything and everything; the experience with these brackets further enhances to a greater degree by the use of various extensions.

Below mentioned are 12 bracket extensions which would certainly make your front-end development and web design workflow much easier.

1. CanIUse

This extension enables a current level of a browser to quickly support a web technology not leaving the brackets. The source data of this extension is from Can I Use.

2. HTML Skeleton

HTML Skeleton abets in setting up your HTML files by the automatic insertion of the fundamental markups.

3. HTML Wrapper

HTML Wrapper helps in very quickly mark up any list of text into list items.

4. Brackets Icons

This is a very simple extension indeed adding file icons in Brackets’ sidebar. Moreover, the icons are fabulous visual cues making it very easy to identify the file one would work on.

5. Autoprefixer

With this bracket extension you can intelligently and automatically go on and add vendor prefixes to your CSS properties. In order to understand and decide whether or not, you require a vendor prefix, it uses browser support data from Can I Use. Furthermore, it also aids in removing unnecessary vendor prefixes.

6. JS CSS Minifier

This bracket extension helps in removing excess & irrelevant characters from your CSS files and JavaScript. Moreover, your website gains speed from its use. This is the popular minification process.

7. CSS Lint

This bracket extension highlights the CSS errors and issues pertaining to code quality. Also the warnings and errors that are reported by this extension are based on the CSS Lint Rules.

8. Emmet

It is a collection of keyboard shortcuts and tools that have the capability of speeding up CSS-authoring and HTML.

9. Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you are on the lookout for filling some text for your design prototype, look no further as the Lorem Ipsum Generator can do that very smartly for you and with great efficacy by generating dummy text.

10. Beautify

This is one bracket extension that would help you a long way in keeping your CSS, HTML and JavaScript code consistently readable, formatted as well as indented.

11. Simple To-Do

This bracket extension enables one to create and manage to-do lists for each project which in turn would help you remember your various tasks, related to the project.

12. eqFTP

For transferring and syncing your project files to the server or web host require FTP, however, such a development feature is devoid of brackets. To do away with this issue and as a solution, the eqFTP extension can be used so that one can operate well and truly within brackets.

Extension Manager is the easiest and the quickest way to install these bracket extensions.