Whether you’ve got a simple or an Avant grade website, it doesn’t matter because eventually, you’ve to redesign it. This for your own good. The rapid rate of digital advancement is the reason for this. The innumerable algorithms and layout changes rolling out from the virtual tech clouds on daily basis is creating havoc. Without these system shifts, the digital world won’t be able to cope up with the preferences of the public. So if your website is not getting regular updates and systematic redesigning then you are at loss. You will miss out on various opportunities and obviously, the web traffic will steer clear of your website. So now you know why redesigning is so important.

Revamping the website once in a while will take up a lot of your effort and fund. But the cost worth every penny when you get a new boost of traffic inflow and a flourishing conversion rate. However, this expected result is not always achieved. Many times than none, we see a drop in the traffic inflow even after a driven redesigning session.

So why do such things occur? You may find a reasonable answer among the following scenarios

  • Firstly, the main reason for the drop in traffic inflow after site redesigning is improper redirect layout. Your website has many pages and tabs. If all the URLs are not synched properly during the revamping then afterward during a browse many redirects may lead the customers to a blank or unsolicited page. Hence you must immaculately intricate all URLs and connect them well with Google Search.
  • Secondly, the complete makeover of the website may cause trouble in net traffic channeling. This happens when redesigning causes change in the sitemap. In such cases, a new Google indexing is a must. Without it, all the previous pint will flow and a drop in rank will occur diminishing traffic inflow.
  • Thirdly, a change in site copy is also responsible for the drop in customer influx. If during revamping you change your keyword without addressing them then the website’s rank and popularity will decrease.

If one of these is the reason for your turnover drop after website redesigning then there’s nothing to worry. It happens all the time. These can be rectified quite easily.

The following steps are the sum of just about everything regarding this nick in the process.

  • Firstly, crawl first and then redesign the website. This will leave out the redirecting faults from the scene and you will never drop a penny of traffic. But if the damage is done then just establish the 301 redirects and everything will sort out.
  • Secondly, build a fresh sitemap well in advance so that you can redesign to your heart’s content.
  • Thirdly, make sure that SEO is part of the website revamping process. With SEO in action site copy error will not occur.
  • Finally, keeping the analytics vigilant during the redesigning process will keep you posted on any additional abnormalities.