Searching for something is a very important task. Whether you are looking for a job or a place to stay, you search. To fill yourself with some pocket-friendly delicious meal or entertain yourself to a movie outing, you also search. But where do you search? Previously, you would search the newspapers, the magazines, the gazette boards, the word of the mouth etc. to find what you are looking for. But then came something big, something revolutionary and the entire process got a reboot. The advancement of computers and the reaching of the Internet to all made life easier. Finally, Google was born and then came its groundbreaking brainchild the search. After the invention of the search, everything just flew past their previous progress rates.

Now you just type in your requisite and Google finds the most accurate thing for you.

Therefore, the Google Search and other rival search engines are the guides to a fantastic and successful tomorrow. But seeing how things are it is no longer a feasible process to type in your search request. The pace of the life is too much and a single moment of lag can leave you behind. With the revelation of the smartphones a new form of search came into being. The voice recognition and the artificial intelligent has given birth to the most proficient searching mode yet, the voice search. This is a trendsetting invention. You just ask the device (connected to the web) and it shows you the most relevant results. This activity takes very little time. This is because the things you think comes faster to voice than in writing.

Under the present circumstances, it is certain that voice search will be the new face of the future. In 2019 the voice search will be the trending and turning point for the market and the populace.

Let us see how voice search will influence the digital marketing domain.

  • Firstly, voice search will focus on the entity in the snippets and redirect one to the most relevant sites. So websites with well-featured snippets will rule the SERP list.
  • Secondly, a targeted voice search will enhance the Position Zero of a website. Doing this the website’s visibility will increase and its CTR will diminish.
  • Thirdly, the voice search will greatly affect the SEO. This is because it highlights the search semantics. The digital markets must optimize aligning with conversational requests, not factual unarranged keyword searches.
  • Fourthly, the artificial intelligent aspect of digital marketing will get a serious boost by active voice searching trends.
  • Fifthly, voice search is more of a mobile-friendly option. Digital marketers with better mobile optimization on their website will get greater traffic inflow.
  • Sixthly, the impact of voice search on SEO is greater. More customer thought friendly is the optimization greater is the turnover.
  • Seventhly, the prioritization on micro-moments is the greatest change that offered by the voice search phenomenon.
  • Finally, in the future digital marketers will not be able to make any stand without integrating the voice search aspect in their schemes.