The unit of any program or entity in a cyber-system is data. A string of data form information and collection of information creates a file. Files are actually the end product and in the operational schemes, they are the easily accessible ones. Therefore the importance and usability of files are multitudinous. Whether you want to host a server, create a website or simply upload/download files over the internet, you have to follow through a strict line of procedures. This is what a protocol is. A protocol is laid to maintain and archive the files securely and channelize the transference properly. Consequently, this makes the overall system proficient and user-friendly.

The FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol.

This allows safe uploading of files from a computing device to the web. This regulatory system is set up for the wellbeing of your network and the whole of the Internet, at large. This prevents hacking, malfunctioning and various other cyber maladies.

However, the role of an FTP client is more of a connecting vigilante than a shielding protector. The FTP client joins your device securely to your online WordPress hosting server account for efficient uploading of your files. This makes the working on your website smoother, safer and more unique. The functions of a FTP client are quite interesting. It works like an integration. You get an FTP client software, register in it and then connect it to your website’s WordPress end. As simple as that. Once connected, you can perform all the file transfer protocol activities in your backend itself. Furthermore, the window of the FTP client is very graphically fluid, lucid and quite user-friendly.

The operations of an FTP client is not limited to being a good file uploading portal only. It also performs a convenient role in website administration and website designing. There are innumerable FTP clients in the digital domain. But how will you choose the one suitable for you? Well, depending upon the size and genre of your website you can make the selection. But it is always safe to go for the free FTP clients at first, to see how things pan out.

There are plenty of reliable free FTP clients in the sectors that work proficiently on variant OSs and web browsers. Following are the five list toppers.

  • FireFTP – This is a free add-on integration in the open web browser, FireFox. This client is very lightweight and has features like encryptions & coding, file synchronization & compression, integrity checks and many more.
  • FileZilla – This one is a multi-OS compatible free FTP client. The easy mode of operation and the intuitive GUI makes it a popular choice among professionals & novices alike.
  • Cyberduck – Firstly, this is a high functioning, free to get FTP client. Secondly, the “easy to connect to any FTP server” feature makes Cyberduck immensely popular. Lastly, reliable system, large file transfers, file editing, cloud distribution, and SSH advantage, gives it an edge over others.
  • FreeFTP – It has both free and paid versions. The file management system, the safe archive, and the thorough encryption system make it a winner.
  • CuteFTP – This free FTP client has a simple module, a strong protocol, and an effective file managing administration.