What Do The Software Do?

The core of any business is transaction and its traction in the marketplacelies with its human resource, client & employee. For keeping any & every enterprises afloat in the current competitive online market employment of appropriate resource tools is very essential.
Hence, the CRM & ERP software. CRM or Customer Relationship Management and ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software are complimentary integrated that help an enterprise run its business processes proficiently & profitably.
Weblozy understands the nerve of the online economy quite explicitly, thus has indulged in developing the most effective business management solution for every generic enterprises in the form of CRM & ERP software.



Customize Software

Weblozy being a stalwart in developing customized online business software creates some of the most productive CRM & ERP software as per client requirements.


Cost-Effective Solution

Bespoke software, cost-effective designs and on-time delivery are synonymous with Weblozy services.


Why Weblozy

Simplified business processing vide synergic information sharing between frontend & backend.

What Do The Software Do?

CRM software is a frontend operative protocol that manages the valuable information about the customers and in the process assists marketing & support divisions while interacting with the valued customers.

The software allows the enterprise to understand the clients better, make the sales pipeline & customer relationship healthier and improvethe prospective of cross-sell & upsell.

On the other hand, ERP system operates at the backend of the enterprise’s online entity. For the smooth workings of CRM archiving logistically the invoicing & shipping details, purchase history, financial date, accounting, supply-chain management facts and other information concerning client-firm interactions are handled with care by ERP software.


It’s simple!

However, The Following Features Truly Make CRM & ERP Software Conspicuous

Seamless integration.

Single platform on-premise cloud connectivity with various applications

Secured archive

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