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What is SEO And Why It Is So Popular?

Search Engine Optimization is a much talked about element of Internet Marketing, especially in regards to deciphering the reasoning behind ranking of search results on Google for corresponding search queries  Google for corresponding search queries.

Now, for business websites and Ecommerce or aggregator platforms, these various search queries are gateways for new visitors and prospective customers to find them and hence it becomes extremely crucial for them to own the results section for the respective search terms.


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At Weblozy, our Web SEO aims are very clear – more targeted visitors and conversion of those visitors into paying clients.


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Weblozy’s Expertise In The SEO Realm

However, very few agencies and organizations have what it takes to make commitments and keep reproducing results to match them consistently. At Weblozy, our treatment of SEO is a combination of art and science.

The science behind SEO inspires our methods and the art of it is the beacon of our creativity. Our dedicated team of experts and experienced professionals have the advantage of over three decades of shared experience amongst their ranks and a prior record of proven success on many challenging projects and brands.

This has allowed us to collect insights and intelligence over the years of operation that have equipped us with the ability to project, predict and achieve results with supreme confidence and authority

  • Get connected with global or international audience
  • Increased Ecommerce Sales
  • Increased Customer Base

Why SEO Has No Hard & Fast Rules And What Is Thus The Solution

Having said that SEO, still fairly remains subject to interpretation as there exists no authoritative guidebook or Bible of SEO till date, as Google is extremely tight lipped about their algorithms and how they are influenced to result in ranking for search results.

Thus, SEO has largely grown as a knowledge that has been passed down from peer to peer within the community through shared experience. Today, thankfully there are many digital agencies that offer SEO as a streamlined service line altogether and are dedicated to it as a separate expertise.


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