Static Website

Static Website Designs Are Still Significant

Static Website Designs although heading towards obsoletion in this fast paced and dynamic world, have still held onto their singular importance in terms of a service line.

In this rapidly changing world which is effectively reflected on the online space, change is so frequent and yet so ferociously in demand, as a consumer requirement, static elements are gradually losing their charm and utility.

The novelty of simplicity and the comfort of confronting a familiar or a known interface is a dying trend. Yet the static element remains extremely critical and a striking feature for every web based application as an integral part of its entire structure, albeit enjoying lesser visibility and patronage.


It’s simple!

Pivotal Role Played By Static Website Design In Creating Landing Pages

Static Websites or static web designs are also critically important for creating landing pages for a campaign to collect consumer information. In such an event the destination where the consumer is redirected to, has a form structure with provision for various fields to be populated.

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