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A leading website design and development and internet marketing company, we help you win more customers through an amazing website and marketing campaigns that express your brand value. Our wide range of services and relevant expertise gets you great online presence and success.

The secret to succeeding at online stores and E-commerce ventures is safely hidden in the depths of our expertise and experience. Creating web based solutions for clients and partners for years now, we create products that convert leads to sales and visitors to loyal customers. Partner with our creative intelligence and industry insights to create stories that engage people beyond boundaries and barriers. We believe in working tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals and practise the same with utmost integrity and sincerity & tremendous hard work.

Our Offerings

The world today is digitally powered. If your brand is not available on the digital landscape, the brand is the end sufferer. If it’s on digital platform and it needs to succeed, Weblozy is your destination for diverse digital solutions under the same roof.

Web Development

Your website is the digital showcase for your service or product. If your business caters to an assortment of products under your brand name, the website serves as the brands online showroom.  Let every first impression of your brand become a lasting impression.

eCommerce Development

Creating functional E-commerce stores from scratch including a payment gateway to facilitate purchase and sales for our clients successfully for over a decade now. Our E-commerce websites have won rave reviews and are equally popular among consumers as well as our clients.

Online Marketing

The digital sphere is a very dynamic portal as it is prone to get upgraded every day. Under such circumstances it is quite possible for a brand to get lost in visibility to its users. Weblozy is equipped with expert marketing strategy rendered by professionals with prior success in implementing such tactics to achieve desired results.

What We Have To Offer


Tried and tested solutions that are affordable and have tasted success are our forte. Weblozy is instrumental in achieving a critical balance between cost and functionality and our previous works are reflective of the same. We do not believe in compromising quality or quantity due to budget restrictions and hence strive to find cost effective solutions for every aspect of delivery.


Project Managers are one key to a thriving business. when firms reach an exact size, a coordinated business system is critical to manage prices, modify workflows and live performance.


We are a bunch of highly enthusiastic digital evangelists who knows their way on the digital front like the back of their hands & dedicate their being for successful completion & delivery of clients’ projects using their high-class expertise and banking on their years of experience in the same field.


What matters most when working on projects is adhering to timelines. Any flaw or rough edge that is still apparent can be polished off later but delaying projects beyond desired deadline creates unwanted problems at both client end as well as our end. Hence we are designed to adhere to timelines and deadlines for delivery.

Our Contented Clients

Our Success Goals Are Based On The Success Of Our Clients

Aman Singh

I love working with weblozy.com. No company is perfect but I will always bring my business to weblozy.com because they are the best I have ever worked with.

Priyanka Gupta

The weblozy.com team has been very professional in our dealings with them, in staffing up our team with great thought and attention to quality and fit.

Himanshu Panday

They are truly WordPress experts. My previous site was built in WordPress, and I noticed a complete difference on the back-end. My site is now very easy for me to update and add to. A huge bonus! I highly recommend weblozy.com and team for any web development project you need completed.


weblozy.com and team were very communicative, professional, answered all of my questions, made all the little tweaks that I requested to make things ‘just right’ – and came in on budget. Whenever I would have new ideas or add-ons that were outside of our original scope, weblozy.com would offer me multiple options and prices to choose from. It was truly a custom tailored experience which was exactly what I was looking for.

Other Services

Web Design

We create exciting and appealing designs that attract more visitors, hence providing the much needed competitive edge at affordable rates. Make your brand stand out amongst the rest with our creative and unique designs customized exclusively for your brand.

Web Development

An attractive and appealing website has to be equally user friendly, easy to navigate and functionally smooth in order for new visitors to keep returning. We create simplified as well as complex functionality websites and applications.

eCommerce Portals

Want to launch your very own Online Store? Weblozy helps you conceive E-commerce solutions from scratch, including creating the interface design, developing desired functionality and even building a customized payment gateway to enable purchase at point of sale.

Web Application & portals

Weblozy has created many award winning mobile and web based applications and solutions that have been extremely successful as consumer products and in terms of user experience and functionality. Weblozy is continuously striving for excellence through innovation.

Web Hosting

Weblozy provides its clients and partners customized web hosting solutions with dedicated customer support enabled with technical assistance and access to a basic admin panel for monitoring and supervision.

Software Development

Weblozy is constantly striving for excellence through innovation in every aspect of software development and management and we are always open to new ideas. After all it takes just a spark to create successful stories.

Web Online Marketing

For innovative and creative marketing solutions for any online product or services, Weblozy specializes in the field of Online Marketing with many successful stints in the past.

Email Maketing

At Weblozy, we are equipped to initiate, launch, operate and manage Email Marketing campaigns completely or as supporting partners providing specific assistance as required.

Content Writing

In the realm of Digital Media, the time tested golden rule is, Content is King, for unique, distinctly relatable and consumer oriented content that will elevate your brand to public attention and success, Weblozy is your ultimate destination.

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