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About Us

We are a Recognized Web Design and Development Company with High-Quality Incorporated Services.

Our tight-knit team of niche experts possesses a creative and critical eye to help your business achieve optimal results.

Our Projects

  • Cabins 24/7
    Cabins 24/7 offers comfortable workspaces where office space becomes a way of life. Embrace a holistic experience for your company with our enterprise-focused solutions, redefining how you work and thrive. Elevate your business to new heights with us.
  • Luxurious Vilas
    Luxurious Vilas is a premier provider of luxurious vacation rentals, offering resorts and apartments for rent in Goa and across the world. With a commitment to excellence and impeccable service, they provide unparalleled indulgence and comfort to travelers seeking a luxurious experience.
  • NazarAndaaz
    Nazar Andaaz is a venture that promotes inclusivity and acceptance for all, particularly for transgender individuals. They provide a safe space, job opportunities, and activities to create a harmonious and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.
  • RB Web Solution
    RB Web Solution is a customer-centric IT company providing innovative and reliable services. Their experienced professionals empower clients to achieve their goals through cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation. They are a trusted partner for businesses seeking IT solutions.
  • Tan Singh Chouhan
    Since its establishment in 1999, Tan Singh Chouhan has upheld a steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch construction, punctual project completion, and satisfying post-project services. Their ethos emphasizes collaboration and a formidable team, recognizing that success thrives on cohesive efforts and a resilient foundation.
  • Trendz N Living
    Weblozy designed and developed Trendz N Living, a website offering a vast selection of high-quality, stylish products, including original lawn designer salwar suits from top global brands.
  • Infinity Exists
    Infinity Exists is a company founded in 2005, dedicated to creating everlasting relationships in every industry. They offer innovative HR solutions and career guidance. It has a vision to foster connections between employers and employees, the company has carved a niche for itself as one of the best job consultancies in Delhi.
  • Manifestation Bee
    Manifestation Bee offers a transformative journey towards a life filled with soul-stirring connections, financial freedom, and dream-like relationships. They guide you to effortlessly manifest your desires, cultivate soul-nourishing relationships, and embrace an abundance mindset.
  • BSN
    BSN is a leading value-added distributor of IT products, services, and solutions in the Middle East. With over 15 years of experience, they serve a diverse customer set with the latest, innovative, and reliable technologies to maximize business opportunities and profitability.
  • Connect IT Technology
    Connect IT Technology is a leading provider of hardware and firmware solutions in India. They needed a new website to communicate their unique value proposition and maintain uninterrupted communication with their clients.
  • Paygoal
    PayGoal is a digital payment platform that enables users to pay their bills online & through mobile, anytime and anywhere. The system was designed to make it easy for customers to make payments, with a secure and streamlined user experience.
  • Exact Taxes
    Exact Taxes is a leading tax-filing service provider in the USA, approached Weblozy to design and develop a modern and user-friendly website that would streamline the tax filing process for their customers.
    The GPRS offers support and services for students aspiring to study in Canada. It focuses on providing a wide range of post-visa assistance and secure accommodation options near university campuses, making the educational journey in Canada more accessible and hassle-free. GPRS aims to simplify the entire process for students, ensuring a smooth transition into Canadian academic life.
  • Era Unicorn
    Crafted by Weblozy, EraUnicorn empowers entrepreneurs with the tools and connections they need to succeed . Their core mission is to empower entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers by equipping them with essential tools, resources, and connections to excel
  • Speedo Learn
    SpeedoLearn is a leading web-based IT trainer and training supplier organization. They offer professional certification training to students on various IT technologies. The company has a huge pool of IT experts from which clients can choose according to their requirements.
    OZOOW is a leading lead management system that streamlines lead tracking and conversion. It offers powerful automation and seamless integration with third-party apps.
  • Edulozy
    Edulozy is a premier IT Training and Certification Company, shaping a brighter digital future through cutting-edge programs, expert-led learning, and unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • WOW Eggs
    Wow eggs is India's first egg production and delivery ecosystem which is involved in every step from bird rearing to delivery. They raise birds in their own farms and deliver the eggs through their own delivery channels resulting in protein-rich, chemical-free eggs for you.
  • Arshi Beauty
    Arshi Beauty is a compassionate cosmetic brand, embracing vegan and cruelty-free products. They have a diverse collection, spanning from enchanting eyelashes, quality skincare to precision lip liners and lipsticks, for an exquisite and ethical beauty experience catering makeup enthusiasts.
  • Agrovita Foods
    Agrovita Foods is an Agriculture product-based, Dynamic Website with the latest design, and user-friendly user interface. Agrovita Foods is designed with multiple features like Bulk Order inquiry, and Partnership Form and is available in different languages with the option of Language Select.
  • Dead To Dad
    DeartoDad offers comfortable and colorful children's clothing at reasonable prices. They focus on using the finest materials to create stylish and comfortable products. Their goal is to inspire customers by offering exclusive products and providing the best shopping experience.
  • Enva Plax
    Enva Plax is dedicated to serving and protecting the environment. They assist people in eliminating l environment-harming methods and adopting sustainable solutions. They have a 3C (Consult, Conceptualize, Craft) approach while providing our 100% biodegradable, premium-quality solutions.
  • Govind Madhav Herbal Tea
    Govind Madhav Herbal Tea is an e-commerce platform with various herbal tea as products, we have designed it very simple and aesthetic as per the client's taste as Client Satisfaction is our priority. This website brings in a simple and elegant design.
  • Kicky Dunky
    KickyDunky is the ultimate destination for streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts. With a keen eye for distinctiveness, they offer unique products to elevate your style. Whether you're a sneakerhead or looking to upgrade your streetwear game, you can find your perfect match here.
  • KissanBhoomi
    KissanBhoomi connects farmers directly to consumers through a marketplace for natural products. They promote healthy living by providing fresh, locally sourced, and sustainably grown produce. They empower farmers and support communities while providing an ethical and transparent shopping experience.
  • TekkiTake
    TekkiTake is a premier website owned by Georgian Enterprises, offering top-notch mobile accessories like back covers and glass cases worldwide. As an authorized partner of renowned brands, TekkiTake ensures unrivaled quality and a delightful shopping experience to all of its customers.
  • Mellow Jewellery
    Mellow showcases Korean craftsmanship, blending heritage and dedication to create high-quality jewelry with ethically sourced materials and exquisite gemstones.
  • Tozad Beauty
    Tozad is a special skincare brand. They use ideas from ancient medicine and the power of nature, combined with new science, to make really good skincare stuff.
  • Gagan Pesticides
    Gagan Pesticides, with 30+ years of experience, offers innovative and eco-friendly farming solutions, from precise pesticides to custom fertilizers.
    Magnetism Fashion, founded by visionary Jyoti Sinha, celebrates diversity and empowers women by offering inclusive clothing and customization options.
  • Areesha Beauty
    Areesha Beauty, a burgeoning startup specializing in premium makeup brushes, aimed to broaden its market presence and enhance sales capabilities.
  • Deizan
    Deizan is an emerging export company focusing on quality, timely delivery, and personalized service for global buyers.
  • vastranepal
    Vastra, a clothing brand, offers trendy and affordable fashion. Their online store is the ultimate destination for quality, style, and hassle-free shopping.
  • Fast Shilajit
    Fast Shilajit sources and delivers 100% pure Himalayan Shilajit resin, free from additives. Their product is enriched with potent Fulvic acid for enhanced vitality.
  • PNM healthCare
    PNM Healthcare is a leading online pharmaceutical company in India. It offers a wide range of health products, including medicines, supplements, and wellness products, with a mission to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and available to everyone.
  • HCM Connects
    HCM website is a transformative platform that revolutionizes Human Capital Management. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features, it empowers organizations to streamline their HR processes. Seamlessly integrating technology and human resources, HCM website sets the standard for efficient workforce management.
  • The Information Review
    The Information Review is a captivating review blog website. Delve into insightful analyses, harnessing both established and emerging information and technology, to tackle societal challenges at their core. Discover actionable strategies drawn from human wisdom, fostering a path towards elusive civilizational aspirations.
  • Toppickss
    Toppickss is a review blog website that provides genuine product reviews to help people make informed decisions while shopping. They offer an easy and hassle-free shopping experience by enabling customers to find and purchase items from their favorite stores and brands. Toppickss ensures their customers get the best shopping experience.
  • Safecyber
    Safe Cybers provides top-notch cybersecurity solutions, specializing in Network & Web Security, Cloud Protection, Managed IT, and customized Enterprise Solutions.
  • GS2 Cyber Security
    GS2 Cyber Security offers Reliable, Available, and Secure services like Network & Web Security, Cloud Solutions, and Managed IT. A holistic approach for businesses across India.

Web Application Samples

Clean and Easily Manageable Dashboard

We understand the value of simplicity, and our dashboard reflects just that. Function and manage effortlessly through a clutter-free interface, where every element serves a purpose.

The organized look ensures that information is at your fingertips, promoting a seamless user experience. Say goodbye to the chaos of complex layouts—our dashboard is a breath of fresh air, offering not just clarity, but a sense of control and efficiency.

Elegant Form Filling

Weblozy ensures that the design of the forms is visually appealing and user-friendly. The layout and visual elements are carefully crafted to guide users. The forms are designed to be responsive, adapting to various screen sizes and devices.

Whether users access the website on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the form filling experience remains consistent and easy.

Our Clients


  • Weblozy has developed my web application with high quality and well-organized code, which is easy to follow and understand.
    Liza Danial
    United States
  • Weblozy provides hustle free user experience, they have been our Tech-Partner and helped our company automate and scale at the same time.
    United Kingdom
  • The Weblozy team is very trustful and committed, they deliver the work on time. Nice working with the team.
  • I would highly recommend Weblozy for website development and marketing services. I am very impressed with their way of execution and love the way they always deliver before deadline. Looking forward to work with them again for a new project soon.
    Garvit Arora
  • Reliable owner of Weblozy company. Humble dependable and trustworthy. Highly reliable to fulfil your needs despite differences. Recommend....say.... Highly recommended
    Jitender Kamboj
  • Professional and on-time quality service, with a creative and modern approachtowards branding and online presence, makes it a go to online service provider.
    Mithun Jaitly