Increased Brand sales for a Ethnic Pakistani Suit's E-Commerce Website

Weblozy played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Trendz N Living by designing, developing, and marketing a website that caters to the brand's vision and mission. The team's expertise in e-commerce website design and development, coupled with their proficiency in digital marketing, helped the brand establish a strong online presence and connect with its target audience. Additionally, Weblozy's ability to fulfill the client's special feature request by incorporating a real-time purchase pop-up was instrumental in enhancing the website's user engagement and experience.

Technologies Used
HTML to WordPress


Trendz Living is an e-commerce clothing store that offers a wide range of high-quality, stylish, and unique products and Pakistani suits that cater to customers' individuality without compromising on quality and value. Their collection includes the latest designs from some of the best global brands, making them a one-stop-shop for all your ethnic wear needs. With a focus on high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Trendz N Living has established itself as a leading player in the online fashion industry. Their commitment to providing customers with unique designs and a seamless shopping experience has helped them build a loyal customer base and achieve remarkable growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape. The store specializes in designer salwar suits sourced from top global brands.

Project Approach

Weblozy designed, developed, and marketed a custom e-commerce website for Trendz Living that reflects the brand's image and mission. The website was developed using WordPress and integrated with a unique pop-up feature that shows the latest purchase made by any user, adding a social proof element to the site. Additionally, Weblozy ensured the website's security and optimized it for search engines to increase visibility.

Key Challenges & Results

Challenge Solution
The website showcases numerous diverse products and the stock is changed every week, making it difficult to manage

Weblozy helped them categorize all their products systematically and allowed the admin to control & update new products every week from the backend

Since the webstore displayed too many products, it could have hindered the speed.

The website was designed such a way that it could easily display all the product images in the highest quality with fast loading speed

The brand needed  a logo and design that would speak for itself.

The logo was uniquely designed by Weblozy and a minimalistic design was given to the site to enhance its features in contrast to the colorful product display.

The quality products were highly prized that needed to be focused on a particular group of audience.

Weblozy’s marketing team worked efficiently to advertise the products among the premium buyers generating the highest profits within 3 months of launch.

Tackle lengthy checkout process

We incorporated a seamless 3 step checkout process

The brand primarily sold via WhatsApp and wanted to keep this connection intact.

Weblozy ensured WhatsApp integration for them, enhancing their sales among a wider audience.

Showcase top products as pop ups

Weblozy added a Sticky Art-To-Cart button to the website, enabling easy buy.


How Weblozy delivered results beyond expectations

More than 80% orders are placed as Cash on Delivery in India which lowers the chances of trouble-free sale, which is why the Marketing team ensured appropriate offers are applied on the online payment methods, convincing the buyers to opt towards a more seamless buying procedure.

In addition, features of the Trust badge increased reliability for the brand. The cart abandonment issues were also tackled by the auto-scheduled mail features. This ensures that even if the order is not completed, the customer is notified via mail about the on-going offers, discounts and coupons to fulfill the purchase.

Another challenge faced during the project was integrating the pop-up feature, as it required complex coding and testing. The team overcame this challenge by using their expertise in WordPress development and customized the feature according to the client's requirements. 

The website developed by Weblozy was a success, with Trendz Living's online presence enhanced, resulting in increased engagement and sales. The pop-up feature added a unique touch to the site and increased social proof, leading to higher trust and credibility. The website's user-friendly design and secure checkout system also contributed to a seamless shopping experience for customers.


Weblozy's expertise in e-commerce website design, development, and marketing enabled Trendz Living to achieve its objective of providing a unique and seamless shopping experience to its customers. The new website's success is a testament to the benefits of investing in a visually appealing, user-friendly, and secure website that meets the needs of customers. Trendz Living continues to serve as a go-to store for designer salwar suits, offering top-notch quality products and an exceptional shopping experience. If you want to enhance your online presence and achieve your business objectives, connect with Weblozy today.