Jun 23, 2023
3 mins read

9 Features To Include In ECommerce Website Development

E-commerce websites are becoming increasingly popular as consumers are shifting their shopping habits online. Therefore, it's important to ensure that your e-commerce website stands out from the rest. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 essential features to include in your e-commerce website development.

User-Friendly Navigation

Your e-commerce website should have an easy-to-use navigation system that allows visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Navigation should be intuitive, clear, and consistent throughout the website. A clear navigation system will help reduce bounce rates, increase user engagement, and improve the overall user experience.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the majority of consumers accessing the internet through their mobile devices, it's important to ensure that your e-commerce website is fully responsive across all devices. A mobile-friendly e-commerce website will not only improve the user experience but will also increase the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Search Functionality

Search functionality is a must-have for any e-commerce website. This feature allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for without having to manually browse through categories and subcategories. The search function should be prominently placed on the website and should offer suggested results as visitors type in their search queries.

Product Pages

Your e-commerce website should have well-designed product pages that display all relevant information about the product. This includes product images, descriptions, specifications, pricing, availability, and customer reviews. These pages should be easy to navigate and visually appealing to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

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Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is an essential feature of any e-commerce website. It allows visitors to add items to their cart and proceed to checkout when they are ready to make a purchase. The shopping cart should be visible and easily accessible on every page of the website.

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is one of the most critical features of any e-commerce website. It's essential to provide visitors with a secure and reliable payment gateway to ensure that their personal and financial information is protected. It's also important to offer a variety of payment options to accommodate different preferences.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is a feature that allows customers to track the status of their orders from the time of purchase to delivery. This feature provides customers with peace of mind and helps reduce the number of customer inquiries related to order status.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are an important feature of any e-commerce website. They provide social proof of the quality of your products and services and can help increase conversions and sales. It's important to encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings by sending follow-up emails and offering incentives.

Customer Service

Customer service is a critical aspect of e-commerce website development. It's important to provide visitors with multiple channels to contact customer support, including email, phone, chat, and social media. A well-trained and knowledgeable customer support team can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Now, when choosing a web development company, it is important to consider their experience, expertise, and reputation. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting a web development company:

  1. Responsive design
  2. E-commerce functionality
  3. User-friendly navigation
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  5. Content management system (CMS)
  6. Social media integration
  7. Analytics and tracking
  8. Mobile Optimization
  9. Customization and scalability

Weblozy is a web development company that provides all of these services and more. With several years of experience and a team of expert developers who can help you create a website that meets your business needs. Some of the reasons to choose Weblozy include:

  • Custom web design services
  • SEO-friendly websites
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop devices
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics and tracking tools
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Affordable pricing
  • Timely delivery and customer support

Overall, Weblozy can help you create a website that meets your business goals and objectives.

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E-commerce website development is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. By including these 9 essential features in your e-commerce website, you can create a user-friendly and secure platform that encourages visitors to make a purchase and return for future transactions.