Simplifying Maintenance Management with Vihan Engineering

Weblozy partnered with Vihan Engineering to create a user-friendly cloud software for managing maintenance tasks. Using advanced technologies like AWS hosting, PHP Laravel, and JavaScript, Weblozy ensured smooth operations. They simplified ticket management, enabled easy communication through chat features, and integrated WhatsApp notifications. With their expertise, Weblozy optimized security and speed, providing Vihan Engineering with a seamless solution tailored to their needs.

Technologies Used


Vihan Engineering sought to streamline their maintenance management processes by implementing a cloud-based solution. Their requirements included a platform where users could request assistance for various issues remotely, communicate seamlessly, generate reports effortlessly, and receive notifications via WhatsApp. They also envisioned a user-friendly interface with distinct roles for different stakeholders.

Client Requests:

Vihan Engineering mandated a user-friendly cloud software allowing for categorized issue reporting, PDF report generation, and real-time notifications via email and WhatsApp for request updates.

Our Approach:

Weblozy adopted a meticulous approach to meet Vihan Engineering's demands, employing AWS hosting, PHP Laravel for backend operations, JavaScript for interactivity, HTML for structure, and MySQL for data management.

Expertise applied:

  1. User-Friendly Ticket System: Tailored options streamlined the request process for users.

  2. Seamless Communication: Integrated chat functionality facilitated discussions within requests.

  3. WhatsApp Notifications: Automated messages kept stakeholders informed of request updates.

  4. Dynamic Reports: Simplified PDF report generation aided in tracking requests comprehensively.

  5. Voice Recording: Added functionality allowed users to articulate issues more effectively.

  6. Security and Speed: AWS hosting and optimization ensured a secure and fast user experience.


The collaboration yielded significant improvements:

  1. Enhanced Ticket Management: Requests were efficiently managed, enhancing responsiveness.

  2. Transparent Communication: In-built chat fostered clear communication among stakeholders.

  3. Streamlined Reporting: Detailed reports enabled effective oversight of cloud software activities.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: Additional features like voice recording and WhatsApp notifications enriched user interactions.

  5. Robust Performance: The platform's security and speed were bolstered through AWS hosting and optimization.


The successful partnership between Weblozy and Vihan Engineering exemplifies how using technology can revolutionize maintenance management. By aligning technological expertise with user-centric design principles, we delivered a tailored cloud software solution that enhanced efficiency and user satisfaction. This project underscores the transformative potential of technology in optimizing processes and improving organizational effectiveness.