Oct 25, 2022
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How Much Does It Cost to Build a website in 2023?

Are you a startup company or an individual seeking exposure for your goods and services? If so, building a credible website would be perfect. You will rule the globe and the customers with such a tool. You must create an excellent, expertly designed website to accomplish this. You must fork out a specific sum of money to accomplish this. What would it cost in 2023 to get a professional website?

Costs for building a showcase site in 2023

The most frequently requested project among small and medium-sized businesses is the development of a showcase website. Less than 20 pages make up this kind of website.

Making a showcase website has as its goal showcasing a business and its offerings. Additionally, it makes it possible to learn more about the relevant structure. You can provide website visitors the option to contact you or obtain a quote by creating this kind of website. The cost of building a showcase website is roughly 1500 euros.

Costs for building an e-commerce website in 2023

You can spend twice as much on an internet store's design. Indeed, you'll need to budget between 2,500 and 15,000 euros to build a basic e-commerce website. The cost can reach 30,000 euros or even 50,000 euros for an intricate e-commerce store.

A variety of useful services, like order administration, product integration, shipping management, discounts, tax and invoicing management, social media integration, etc., are available with an e-commerce site. The ability to recover from abandoned carts, send transactional emails, and sponsor products are further intriguing aspects associated to online retailers. There are options you can employ to build a professional e-commerce website. E-commerce tools, freelancing, working for a web agency—these are all options.

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Price in 2023 for building a unique web portal

Budget estimates for the development of a custom web portal will be challenging, particularly in the absence of a specification. You should be aware that the cost of designing this kind of website ranges from 5,000 to 100,000 euros. The gateway website has several unique features. We can list a few of them here:

  • The member's login page.

  • The website's translation into foreign languages.

  • The content-downloading library.

  • Dynamic shapes.

  • Individual features, etc.

The expected costs

You need to be aware of the extra expenses that drive up the cost of website development. What additional factors are there that affect the price? Learn more here.

The web addresses

A website's Internet address is its domain name. The perfect domain name for your business website would be one that is brief and simple to remember. Don't forget to select a format that is ideal for your activity. Be aware that the cost of building a website can be significantly influenced by the quality of the chosen domain. You must budget money if you want to purchase removed, expired, or premium domains.

Popular endings like.com,.org,.fr, .net, and.ca raise the price as well. You must have a minimum of $10 available to invest to benefit from a straightforward domain name. However, you should prepare to spend at least $100,000 if you choose a domain name that search engines highly regard.


You must pick your hosting if you want your visitors to be able to access your website. To install your website and store all the information that is helpful to you, the hosting firm lends you space on its servers (content, images, codes and videos). The best option would be to choose a shared hosting service, which ranges in price from 30 to 80 euros annually. You can now share server resources with other websites thanks to this.

You can also find other, more expensive hosting options besides this one. For example, dedicated hosting is ideal for powering big websites.


When your website is live, you shouldn't take a break. You will undoubtedly need to add content, make updates, address issues, and add features over the course of your website's existence. This is what is typically referred to as maintenance. This job is typically overlooked when building a website, even though it is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your website.

Keep in mind that there are various kinds of maintenance. Monitoring the facility through preventive maintenance enables the prevention of potential future issues. To ensure it, the expert implements the technical solution's changes on a regular basis.

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Compatible with smartphones and tablets

A website can be made to be compatible and readable on devices like a tablet, PC, and smartphone using a technique called responsive design. Nowadays, it is crucial to have a website that is compatible with the users' preferred media. In fact, 80% of users search the Internet for information using their mobile devices. In other words, many people use their smartphones to browse the internet.

Excellent SEO optimization

Most of the time, having a stunning and useful website is insufficient. Indeed, increasing your visibility is a need if you want to sell goods and services. The ideal situation would be to maximize natural referencing to accomplish this. You will be able to accomplish your goal by turning to an SEO expert.

However, keep in mind that the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is not considered in the website construction estimate provided by some professionals. Plan a budget of 5,000 euros if you absolutely must take advantage of the optimization.

Installation of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are crucial for the maintenance and optimization of a website. Even if these solutions are free, installing them requires paid skills. You may trust a professional to handle their installation when building your website. This service will set you back about 1,800 euros.

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