Sep 02, 2022
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B2b Customer Portal: Competitiveness Through Customer Experience

Why consumer experience?

Contrary to popular belief, CX does not only aid B2C businesses; it also has benefits for B2B.

Customer experience is becoming more and more significant in business. Customers now have the actual luxury of choosing between several sellers, whereas in the past they had to put forth significant effort to find the desired product. Numerous businesses compete for clients with nearly identical products that are priced similarly and of comparable quality.

Why are B2B client portals among the top investments for enhancing CX? Now let's discuss its main contributions to the wonderful client experience.

1. Embraced information complexity

It implies that the portal enables you to provide data that is:

Easy to reach- The B2B portal's intelligently structured data, user-friendly interface, and robust search functionality enables customers to quickly find all the information they need.

Relevant- The consumer may access the most pertinent information whenever they need it thanks to system interaction with internal systems.

Personalized- The customer is kept in the mindset that everything is being done with him in mind. Customers only view items in the catalogue that are suitable for their needs, along with potential alternatives, and wholly appropriate prices, discounts, and news.

2. Numerous tools for order management

The site addresses all the intricacy that distinguishes B2B orders. Through features like re-order, returns, scheduled purchasing, reservations, group buying, and parts and consumables refilling, it ensures a convenient ordering experience.

3. Options for flexible payments

The financial transactions that take place in the B2B arena are also complicated. B2B client portals support many currencies, bill payment, the ability to pay in instalments, and the monitoring of credit limits.

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4. Stabilised self-service

Self-service and the related automation eliminate paperwork errors and save both the vendor and the buyer time and effort. It makes sense that customers are choosing it more frequently as a quicker and simpler option to solve their problems and obtain what they desire.

A B2B portal must strike the perfect mix between digital and human interaction to make CX stand out, even though automation wins the most valuable resource in the world—time.


Management following sales

The selling and buying processes are simply the beginning of your communication with the consumer; customer experience is more than that. Let's examine how B2B customer portals can help post-sales management be successful.

Maintenance. You can plan future interactions through the portal, including routine maintenance, replacement, and repair. Customers can file a claim, set a time for repairs, obtain the technician's contact information, and give him all necessary information in advance. They can also always keep track of the status and organise their business procedures accordingly.

It is the most effective method for determining what goods and services a consumer requires and meeting those demands. Customers' opinions are collected and processed through tools like live chat, suggestion boxes, surveys, and the Net Promoter Score system, which helps you better understand their needs and make thoughtful improvements while responding quickly to their complaints and requests. Additionally, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint difficulties with loyalty, research specifics of those issues, and monitor the effectiveness of changes you make.

How to get even more


Your portal's analytics will once more assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your audience and their interests as well as in gaining useful information about client journeys and achieving personalised online selling.

CRM and ERP integration

The ERP connectivity, in the first place, gives your consumers fast access to the most recent details about your products and the availability of your stock. Additionally, consumers may always research pertinent details about highly customised B2B costs on their own. Thirdly, the customer can only access a portion of the necessary documentation and download its PDF versions. Fourth, the client gains complete control over the entire order fulfilment process, knowing exactly where his order is at any given time, and can thus make timely decisions that are essential to the successful running of his business.

To personalise the communication to the demands of the customer, CRM integration may prove to be helpful. The account manager looks over all the pertinent customer data. He can view the history of purchases. He's capable of more sophisticated reactions. He can foresee demands in the future. It's a completely different scenario when a customer receives a follow-up call from the account manager who has a thorough understanding of the business (based on the knowledge gained from its profile) and then suggests potential advantageous alterations to the order.

Public Forums

That's easy. They elicit conversation. They arouse a sense of involvement, belonging, and affiliation.

Blog For Education

It blends business with pleasure and education, strengthening the bond between the brand and its consumers and assuring the company's continued presence in their lives.

So, what's the verdict?

Value for money is a much smaller part of a company nowadays. The client experience is emphasised in business nowadays. And a B2B customer portal might help make your company's interactions with clients easy to understand and effective, which is exactly what a great customer experience entails. Please keep in mind, however, that you should never take this for granted and that only a well-designed portal will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits described above.


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