It’s no longer a hidden secret that Google has launched a recent algorithm update. This update informs the users of the various changes governing websites. And their content in all categories in order to get reflect in the SERP for relevant search queries in the category. The algorithm update is a broad core. It is following the lines of Google’s previous refinements in their algorithm pattern. The update gives utmost priority to expertise, authenticity and authority, and trust factors while reflecting search results in all categories.

This is in line with Google’s inherent driving philosophy and fundamental policy of filtering the World Wide Web (WWW). The update provides only the most reliable and quality search results for the users and viewers. The news was broadcasted to the public exclusively through Danny Sullivan’s official twitter account.

Google’s driving force has been its utmost priority to its users.

It is serving the requirements of the user with the best possible set of results pertaining to the category. Google has previously made changes to its algorithm with updates such as the Penguin, the Panda, Fred. And its relentless effort to continue refining its search mechanism and pattern in a way to benefit its users to their maximum advantage, is not breaking news anymore.

Today Google has come a long way from being just a search engine to become the most defining authority on the Internet. As such, Google has elevated itself to become a contemporary synonym for searching anything on the Internet; such is its regulating authority.

Coming back to the algorithm update popularly referre to, as the YMYL by webmasters and dedicate discussion forums, globally and on the Internet. It was launch officially, with an ability to impact existing search results in the first week of August. Soon after, a general chaos ensued amongst webmasters as they noticed erratic flux in the analytical statistics of their respective websites. This was especially concentrated on SERP rankings.

The result was – a drastic fluctuation in traction and visibility, in general for the worse.

Very soon Google officially confirmed the ensuing chaos could be a result of a recent update change. Thereafter webmasters worldwide assimilated statistical data for their respective sites for research. After a comparative analysis of how the change has impacted them in their category and it was quite clearly evident this recent update. Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) has affected Health Related websites and websites in the health category significantly amongst other observations.

Other impacted segments but on a considerably diminished scale are Automobiles, Beauty & Personal Care and Electronics. The industry category to have been affected least by the algorithm change is Travel & Tourism. However, it was not just loss and fall in traction that is the only noticeable outcome of this algorithm change.

There have emerge certain brands which have been surprisingly benefit by the YMYL and emerge victoriously. Time Magazine was privy to an influx +19.5% incremented traffic. However, this was 54% short of their traffic benchmarks when compared to the month before. Other beneficiaries in incremented and amplified traffic influx from this update include Linked In, AMC Theatres, Open Table, World Market, MapQuest, and RE/MAX.